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"Mirror, mirror on the wall ..."

Breaking the power of false images — Seminar on Female Self-discovery

Most women live their lives in images of themselves. These prevent a holistic experience, as pictures with a solid frame mean the woman can no longer perceive the parts that lie outside themselves. If she lives only on the surface, she remains separated from the inner grace and harmony of her femaleness.

The Ideal of Perfection without Soul

Today women internalise an almost unattainable ideal of beauty that has become for many, especially the young, almost a religion. Thus, for many women, models are the icons of the moment. Yet it is inherently the nature of ideals that they are unattainable. They are created by the cosmetic and fashion industries then perpetuated by the media, so women feel inferior and lacking. For women who compete for these ideals and believe they have various flaws make excellent consumers, helping a huge industry to a multibillion-dollar income.

The literally ingrained sense of inferiority of the patriarchalised woman makes her think that without various "embellishments" she is unattractive, and thus not lovable. This linking of beauty to the value of being loved has led to the collective delusion of being able to control love through attractiveness. This means not only love is less viable, but also that there are hardly any limits to how far women will go to voluntarily mutilate themselves with various surgeries in the name of an absurd ideal of beauty or force their bodies with sports and diets into the template of standardised beauty.

The Re-Ensoulment of the Female Body

This seminar is aimed at women who want to explore to what extent they live in images and what the consequences are for them and their existence. It is a cordial invitation to women, to sensitise their bodies and female beings in an honest and creative way and return to a natural femininity that is fulfilling from within.

However, this means neither trivial messages such as "Just be yourself" nor intellectual discussions regarding what is considered to be beautiful or not. That such ideals are subject to change over time and that beauty is in the eye of the beholder are beyond question.

Rather it is to find out why women are so susceptible to these harmful images and, if it is beneficial to do so, track down the causes, often lack of love and self-acceptance.  This is not about creating new "positive" images, but rather returning from the superficial to real life, from living a life in images to a life based on the feminine within.

A new date will be announced shortly.

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