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To be Touched
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To be Touched

Cry of the Female Soul

Perhaps you have known this for a long time: In you there lives a wild, wise, clever, self-determined, sensual, loving woman. A woman who wants to express her femininity thoroughly and has had enough of half-hearted compromises. She longs to reach her inner depths and enjoy a life founded on these depths. She knows her basic needs and maintains a lifestyle that gives them lavish attention.
She lets her sensuality and creativity flourish inside and in her own way expresses them in the physical world. She devotes herself to her wholeness and gives herself and her feelings space. And she allows herself to move to her own rhythm and enjoy it fully.

About the moon

Although this may sound very simple, for most women it seems to be increasingly difficult to find their way back to this naturalness and depth, rather than simply finding peace within themselves. In the usual male way, everything is goal-oriented, efficient and clear. To progress, many believe they have to do a course or training. The goal is a new identity with a certificate.

However, this has little to do with a woman's life. There, no personality training is necessary, nor is there a certificate. For now, this is just about you. The lives of most women are so crowded with activities that there is hardly any room left for them. For a long time contact with the female soul has been lost. But the connection to the earth and the female source, love for oneself and one's own body, are important keys to a fulfilling life as a woman.

The Temple
of the Body
Female spirituality has its origin in the body - it is the gate that leads to the essence. If you dedicate yourself to the sentient body you can learn how far sensuality and meaningfullness are linked together. One focus is on strengthening the pelvic area, the sacral centre. If this place is inhabited once again and you feel the cosmic rhythms, you will experience a possibly unprecedented feeling of safety inside yourself and find such archetypal feminine qualities as dedication, receptivity and grounded presence.

The Female
The feminine way leads you to your inner being and opens a sacred space within yourself. There, healing happens naturally through the link back to sources of female power. It leads you to your inner being. There you will find everything you were looking for elsewhere, often in vain: Closeness to yourself. This is also the basis for intimacy with others.

In workshops and individual sessions you can get even closer to yourself and take your true feelings seriously. The feminine form of self-communication will enable you to contact all parts, including dissociative and defensive patterns. Everything is allowed to be as it is. And so you are healed and become whole.

On this inner journey Raqs Sharqi dancing as a spiritual practice is an ideal supplement, as it affects all your inner issues that want to be freed.   


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