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Dark Side of the Moon

The Dark Side of the Moon


7000 years of patriarchy have psychologically wounded deeply both women and men. All that nourishes and strengthens women has been twisted and distorted. So they live cut off from the sources of their strength, intuition and wisdom. This patriarchal imprint makes women more susceptible to male authority. In particular, if a woman undertakes a spiritual quest that on a deeper level is usually the longing for her femininity, she still follows a masculine path.

Gedicht über Mond

Errors and Illusions
That she is influenced so much by shallow tricks of the modern new-age circus shows how far a woman lives alienated from herself. She rushes excitedly from one "event" to the next, from one faith healer or guru to another. Instead of just listening to herself she turns towards the "in" teachers and keeps trying promising new “cures”.

The woman’s soul is not nourished by going from one thing to another, but by strengthening her inner energy. Yet even women have become suspicious of their inner beings. Many women associate female depth with severity or darkness due to the one-sided focus of light in male spiritual philosophies. This view leads to seeing the body negatively (or rejecting the body) and awakening the spiritual ambition to become a "pure" body of light.

Women, then, separate from their shadow side and deny the pain. Consequently, their suffering is chronic. This personal suffering is then projected onto earthly existence. On closer examination, however, it is the consequence of supressing emotions that results in superiority and sometimes also hypocrisy.

With no real contact to her inner depth, the woman in her desperate search is tempted by the superficial and fleeting trends that distract her from continually and honestly concentrating on herself. From her fear of missing out on something, in the end she loses the most important thing: herself.

“The Queen’s Way”

No "enlightened master" or "life coach" can replace closeness to your self. This is the basis of the female path - simple, plain and unspectacular. It includes admitting to light and darkness, longed for and not heard parts within you. The careful exploration of your inner being, your story, your becoming a woman takes you through a process of change from which you will emerge renewed.

A woman who plunges into the depths of her feminine soul can gratefully accept her body and enjoy the gifts of the earth. This is the Queen’s way to a fulfilling life.

I cordially invite and accompany you on this female way.