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Individual Sessions


Individual Support

Women who want to discover or deepen their femininity, have the opportunity to be accompanied by me in individual sessions.

Raqs Sharqi dancers can deepen their creative process by working on their consciousness in a female-oriented manner.

Sessions for men or couples on request. Individual sessions by phone are possible.

Dates and fees: Please check by
phone +49 89 360 067 45
For inquiries by e-mail: Please specify a callback number.



Female Year Cycle

Intensive support in small groups and individual sessions

The year cycle in small groups is intended for all women who want to devote themselves to intense self-examination over a period of time. It consists of a combination of regular individual sessions and seminars in small groups which take place over a weekend every two months for one to two years. One weekend of the cycle is in an open seminar (see announcements at seminars). Location and dates of the year cycle can be jointly determined in the first group meeting.

Small groups consist of six to eight participants. In this context, every woman can focus intensively on her psychological processes, supported by the group. Between the group meetings each woman has a (telephone) individual session. The participation in the year cycle should be preceeded by two to three individual sessions or attending a weekend seminar (see announcements at seminars).

The contents of the annual cycle are as colourful and varied as the participants who make up the group. The issues that have made you the woman you are today are carefully researched. Also, you will learn what nourishes and strengthens your feminine roots. On this basis, we turn our attention to what a fulfilled life means to you as a woman and how you can access a grounded female spirituality.

For more information on the year cycle please call +49 89 360 067 45

There are regular information evenings concerning individual support for the female way.

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