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Women's Culture

Women and men are equal but not identical. Their differences lead to distinct spiritualities that can be differentiated only by a gender perspective. Thanks to their bodies, women experience a completely different approach to themselves and their spiritual powers than men. A corollary is that sense and sensibility are closely intertwined. This thinking is not known to the patriarchal religions. However, it is the heart of female spirituality.

Lost Roots
By the time of the Middle Ages, Europe had been through a long tradition of female spirituality - that of the "wise women". This European form of shamanism was an integral part of society. The Old High German word "Hagazussa" from where "hag (witch)” is derived means fence-rider: this means the woman sitting on the fence between this world and the other and who is at home in both.

Healing, midwifery, prophecy, inspiration - all these arts originated from her ability to perceive both visible and invisible realities and to transfer her experience from one level to the other. Due to the persecution of witches at the beginning of "modern times" the tradition of the wise woman has been destroyed. The effects of this can be seen even today in the absence of any socially acceptable spiritual teachings that recognise the nature of women, feminine energies and their essential importance to life.

Separated from their roots, women today follow spiritual paths that have been developed by men for men and take on male-dominated and structured religions without any idea of their inherent spirituality. This ignorance about how estranged she lives from her authentic nature is the tragedy of the modern woman.

Lack of Female Creativity

When she reaches deep within herself, a woman naturally transmits the creative energy of the Divine, because being a medium of creative power is inherent to the nature and the body of a woman. Through her cyclic, "moon-like" nature and the associated monthly altered states of consciousness, and by her ability to give birth, she receives deep insights into the nature of all life.

These are missing from today's society that is largely cut off from the forces of the feminine - from the energies that bring about connectivity and healing growth; from female inspiration, creativity and life-sustaining balance. More than ever, the present time needs women who live out their lives rooted in the feminine. European societies are in a time of transition: after it has fought hard for female rights, the women's movement has shifted more to the inside. This is a sensitive period, because in formal terms in many areas of everyday life women appear to have already been freed. The actual liberation, however, that takes place in the interior, has only just begun.

Revival of Women's Solidarity
Pioneers have given many gifts to women of present-day generations. From this rich heritage the power and responsibility can grow to go further together. Here, the vision of a new goddess – as a symbol of liberated womanhood – can be an inner model.

If women are networking and exchanging views, they encourage one another. This process supports every woman who wants to live her essential nature. In this way a new women's culture can develop that is still quite young, but has also a far-reaching history – one that includes dancing together as an uplifting and healing experience.

Dancing with Horses - Reflections in Space

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