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Stage Performaces
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Stage Performances

1999  "1000 and One Woman", Bochum

1999  "The Blue Bird", City Theatre Hagen

2004  "While my Soul was Travelling", Leo Theatre 17, Munich

2006  "Bella Minga", Seidlvilla, Munich

2006  "Sagrada Mujer", Maccu Piccu, Peru

2007  "Undine Goes", Gasteig, Black Box, Munich

2008  "Dances for the Inner Lover", Munich

2009  "Image, Sound & Word", Munich

2009  "Upper Bavarian Culture Days", Starnberg

2011  "A Dancing Homage to Sting" Iffeldorf and Munich

2011  "Munich Health Week", Studio Taqsim, Munich

2012  "Raqs Sharqi Dance Gala - 20 Years Studio Taqsim", Leo Theatre 17, Munich

2012  “Dancing with Horses – Reflections in Space”, Starnberg

2013  Video: Best of 2003 - 2013

2013  "Seerenade", published on DVD 2014   Trailer

2014   "La Vie en Rose",  theatre dance, Gasteig, Black Box, Munich, May 18th 2014

2015  Performance of the School of Contemporary Dance, Schlossberghalle Starnberg, ... Press

2017  "Raqs Sharqi Tanzgala", Leo Theatre 17, Munich, April 29th 2017

2018   "Mon Amie la Rose", theatre dance, Gasteig, Black Box, Munich, October 28th 2018

Cover Opernwelt für der blaue Vogel

The performances "Undine goes”, “Dances for the Inner Lover" and "La Vie en Rose" can be booked at any time. Enquiries regarding booking information for Heide-Marie should be directed to: +49 89 360 067 45 or info.dancingsoul@yahoo.de

For inquiries about creating new stage and film projects, please get in touch.

left: Heide-Marie Heimhard as "Queen Bellemaine" on the cover of the international magazine "Opernwelt".

Duo of Erna Fröhlich and Heide-Marie Heimhard at the Raqs Sharqi - Dance Gala 2012
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